AI Engineer with Focus on NLP and LLMs (m/w/d)

Location of work:

Toulouse France



Job Type:

Full Time

Due date for application:


The Role

This role offers the opportunity to be at the forefront of AI application in the Space industry, providing innovative solutions to revolutionize professional training and development in high stakes industries.
AI Model Development: Design and develop sophisticated AI models tailored for adaptive learning and personalized educational experiences •
Research Integration: Incorporate the latest AI research findings into practical, scalable solutions within the platform.
Algorithm Optimization: Continuously optimize and fine-tune algorithms for efficiency, accuracy, and performance.
Data Analysis and Modeling: Analyse large datasets to understand user behavior and learning patterns, contributing to the improvement of the AI model.

Candidate Profile

Educational Merit: Approaching the completion of or have recently earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science or a closely related discipline, with a focus on AI..
Skill Set: Demonstrable experience in NLP, ML, and familiarity with the latest LLMs (e.g. Claude, Llama2, GPT). •
Ready from Day One: Capable of contributing immediately without limited training
Language Skills: Proficiency in English, complemented by strong communication abilities.
Location: Living in or willing to relocate to France

Technical Proficiency:

Strong programming skills in Python, R, or other relevant languages
Ability to design and develop AI algorithms, with a special emphasis on LLMs
Build and test AI models for repeatable and verifiable outcomes
Code Craftsmanship: Deliver clean, efficient code upholding best practices in documentation and version control

What We Offer:

A competitive salary package along with excellent career expansion possibilities.
Play a vital role in advancing cutting-edge technology within a progressive team.
Opportunity to immerse yourself in the dynamic Aerospace environment in France.
A commitment to nurturing a workplace that respects your expertise and supports your professional growth
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