Development of OFTs for LI Commissioning Service (m/w/d) [Deadline: 15.11.2021]

Job title: Development of OFTs for LI Commissioning Service

Customer: EUMETSAT (European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites)

Location of work: Darmstadt, Germany / Work Remotely

Due date for application: 15th November 2021

Preferred start date: Q1 2022

Based on client’s understanding of the service deliverables, outputs and related tasks, the contractor shall demonstrate the following experience and references:

  • University degree in physical remote sensing, meteorology, oceanography, physics, IT/Computational Science, or equivalent;
  • Previous experience in the provision of services in the domain of Earth Observations ideally for Weather Applications;
  • Very good experience in scientific software development;
  • Strong written communication skills;
  • Ability to writing scientific/technical documents;
  • Advanced Python programming skills, with particular focus on: i) processing and plotting of scientific results (i.e., xarray, numpy, pandas, scipy, matplotlib), ii) data visualization of Earth Observation imaging data (i.e., Cartopy), and iii) using Python interfaces to access a PostgreSQL database;
  • Experience in optimization of processing of large amounts of data (i.e. out of core computing using xarray/dask).
  • Knowledge of NetCDF format;
  • Advanced software engineering skills (i.e., working/programming in Linux using command line/terminal, understanding Linux shell scripts, set-up, and handling cronjobs)
  • Experience in the definition and maintenance of PostgreSQL DB;
  • Advanced knowledge of Git for software development in version control;


The following experience would be considered an additional asset:

  • Knowledge/previous experience with Satpy/Pytroll and Jupyter notebooks


Fluency in English is mandatory; this is the working language at EUMETSAT, and the Contractors must be able to work effectively in this language both in written and spoken form.



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