Data Processing Systems Engineer [Deadline: 31 Mar 2016]


The Consultant will support activities related to Phases C and D of the Eumetsat MTG Programme in the area of data processing engineering.

The tasks of the Key person will include:

  • Support the procurement of data processing elements by advising on technical solutions proposed by the contractor and by reviewing documentation to confirm its compliance with the requirements;
  • Support management of the requirements baseline for data processing elements;
  • Support refinement of ICD and Human-Machine Interface (HMI) requirements and specifications;
  • Support testing, integration and acceptance of data processing elements, including HMIs;
  • Participation in formal reviews and technical meetings.

In addition the key person will provide support to:

  • Review of System, Space Segment and Ground Segment documentation dealing with requirements, concepts, algorithms and technical analyses of relevance for data processing, including review of instrument data processing algorithms and calibration concepts defined by the Space Segment with emphasis on their implications on Ground Segment data processing concepts, interfaces and architecture (in the course of which prototyping of algorithms and production of test data may be required);
  • Participation in formal reviews and technical meetings at System and Ground Segment level;
  • Review of documentation dealing with technical evolutions of the EUMETSAT infrastructure.


In addition to having a University degree (or equivalent) in the engineering, physics, or software (or similar),

the key person shall have:

  • Relevant experience in preparation of requirements, design, interfaces (including HMI) and testing documentation for data processing systems considering the systems engineering aspects of data processing management and data provision (experience on data processing for high data rates Earth Observation missions will be considered an asset);
  • Relevant experience in monitoring and implementation of designs against requirement baselines and IV&V, including running HMI workshops, testing and formal acceptance;
  • The ability to maintain a system overview is essential. This ability must be exercised within a multi-disciplinary context in cooperation with other teams, covering several different data processing levels and instruments;
  • Ability to learn and develop the needed skills and knowledge to contribute to the development of MTG. This includes the ability to rapidly absorb, and make use of, information presented in written and oral communications in a dynamic context;
  • Systematic approach to work, be able to plan the work and to cope with tight schedules and multiple tasks;
  • Ability to write accurate and consistent technical documentation.

The following areas of expertise would be an advantage:

  •  Knowledge of the IBM DOORS tool or an equivalent for requirements management;
  •  Knowledge of task relevant ECSS and CCSDS standards;
  •  Knowledge of HMI usability inspection methods;
  •  Relevant experience with L1/L2 processing software for Earth Observation missions, either for operations/maintenance or specification and development.

Apply by sending an email to with an updated Curriculum Vitae.