MTG UVN Product Development Support Engineer [Deadline: 30 Jan 2016]

The tasks of the key person will typically include:

  • Provision of support to the development of algorithms for calibration of UVN level 0 data;
  • Provision of support to the development of an Instrument Data Simulator;
  • Taking into account the constraints imposed by the final goal of implementation of the products within an operational processing system;
  • Provision of support to the development of prototype software code for the purposes of testing and validation the algorithms developed;
  • Provision of support to the development of an instrument performance model based on specifications to be provided by industry;
  • Provision of support to the development of software for cross-calibration and validation activities;
  • Generation of test data required for the verification of the algorithm and products;
  • Provision of support to the generation of associated documentation including test data descriptions, Product Specification (PS), technical reports etc;
  • Interfacing with experts across EUMETSAT as needed;
  • Collaboration with expert groups and the wider scientific community outside EUMETSAT as appropriate;
  • Assessment of results from scientific studies;
  • Provision of support to operational level 2 processor development activities, for future level 2 product development for the UVN instrument.


In addition to having a University degree (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline, the consultant shall have a minimum of 5 years experience in the field of remote sensing product data processing and analysis including at least 2 years of experience of UV/Visible/NIR calibration and validation. Further the candidate shall have a solid background in software engineering.

Specifically the candidate shall have experience in:

  • Very good skills in a higher programming language (e.g. Fortran, C++);
  • Working with UNIX and/or Linux operating systems;
  • Specification, design and coding of complex product processors;
  • Testing and verification of complex data processing systems;
  • Handling and processing of remote sensing data;
  • Experience in atmospheric remote sensing in the optical spectrum (Ultraviolet to NearInfrared);
  • Experience with instrument calibration and characterisation;
  • Familiarity with Earth observation systems in operational meteorology, atmospheric composition and climate monitoring (both remote sensing and in situ systems);
  • Writing concise and comprehensive scientific and technical reports.

The following areas of expertise would be an advantage:

  • Quality control of satellite data and products;
  • Operational product processing environments;
  • Quality control of satellite data and products;
  • Knowledge of scripting languages (e.g. python, Matlab, IDL, bash);
  • Knowledge of SQL;
  • Software build environments and tools (e.g. make, imake, eclipse, insure++);
  • Source code control system, (e.g. GIT, Subversion, or CVS);
  • Familiarity with radiative transfer.

Apply by sending an email to with an updated Curriculum Vitae.