Company information

Exostaff GmbH is a consulting and engineering services company based in Germany and aiming at providing excellent services in the space sector. The range of our services span from supporting spacecraft operations to managing complex network infrastructure, to designing innovative software solutions. We are committed to provide the best services possible to our users by following three key values: transparency, consistency and excellency.

Why choose us?

To provide our clients with motivated and skillful individuals by matching carefully selected profiles with vacancies allowing them to evolve their career.
Consultants provide better services when they can evolve their career in a transparent and secure environment.
Exostaff is fully certified to provide temporary workers and consultancy services in Germany.

Space and ground operations

Exostaff possesses expertise in supporting both space and ground segment operations throughout all project phases, from the earliest procurement studies through launch, commissioning and operations.

System engineering

Provision of support to system engineering activities including specification and review of technical specifications at system level, support to system level formal reviews and progress meetings, support to IV&V activities.

credit to CC BY-SA 2.0 Victor Grigas

Solution development

At Exostaff, we take pride and pleasure in developing innovative solutions, both software and hardware, which will enhance the business of our customers.

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